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Alexis Lynn De La Cruz

Cerebellar and Cerebral Cortical Responses to Cathodal tDCS an In Vivo Approach to Study its Applicability to Cerebellar Ataxia Treatment


Andrew Mariano

Creation of Ing3 Men1 and Rb1 Knockout in Mouse MC3T3E1 Cells using CRISPR System


Angela Carracino

Whats on Your Plate The Relationship between Eating Habits Mood and Portion Sizes


Derek DeMann

A Drosophila Model for Understanding the Role of Autophagy in Diabetic Cardiomyopathies


Eric Goldwaser

Bloodbrain Barrier Breakdown and Mechanisms of Alzheimer’s Disease Pathogenesis


J. Anthony Garcia

The Effect of Fasting on Mitochondrial Size and Mitophagy in Cardiomyocytes


Jared Feldman

Energy Balance And Body Composition In Individuals With Parkinsons Disease


Jason McAloon

Requirement of Syk and PI3K for EpsteinBarr Virus LMP2Amediated activation of NFkB in B Cell Tumors


Jeremy Mosher

Physicians Beliefs and Their Perceptions of Patients Beliefs of the Causes Controllability and Concern of Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus


Jimmy Tam Huy Pham

Determining the Predictive Factors Leading to IntraHospital Transfer to Higher Level of Care or to Intensive Care Unit Among Rapid Response Activations at a Community Hospital Within a Consecutive 12Month Period


Johnny Nguyen

A Comparison Of The Severity Of Anaphylaxis In Patients With Vs Without Concomitant Respiratory Diseases


Katrina Bantis

Prolonged Fasting Attenuates Mitophagy And Impairs Cardiac Function In Mice


Kelsey Full

Alterations of Glia and Vasculature in the Aging Mouse Brain


Kelsey Roseann Negherbon

Resource Availability and Treatment Utilization for Posttraumatic Stress Disorder for active Military Veterans Law Enforcement Physicians and Nurses A Survey Study


Kelsi Rogers

Analysis of Systemic Hormone Exposure in a Rodent Model of Vulvovaginal Atrophy With Menopause


Kimberly Klatt

Effect of Pregnancy on Abdominal Aorta Structure and Function


Kirtan Patel

Effects of Rock Steady Boxing on the Motor Symptoms of Parkinsons Disease a Pilot Study


Kishan Patel

Methamphetamine-induced Interleukin6 Production Impairs Wound Healing in Mice


Kyaw Tun

Effect Of High Fructose Levels On Cellular Regulation Of Energy